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Teaching for Deeper Learning

Pluriliteracies Teaching for Deeper Learning (PTDL) provides pathways for deeper learning across languages, disciplines and cultures by focusing on the development of disciplinary or subject specific literacies. Subject specific literacies are the key to deeper learning and the development of transferable skills. Becoming literate in content subjects will empower learners to successfully and appropriately communicate knowledge across cultures and languages.

This approach actively contributes to developing creative, responsible global citizens. Deeper learning – by which we understand the successful internalization of conceptual knowledge and the automatization of subject specific procedures/skills and strategies – only occurs if learners are taught how to express their knowledge appropriately. As such, this approach is an important contribution to making teaching and learning more visible and inclusive. PTDL is highly relevant for learning in any language.

PTDL Research


Do Coyle (University of Edinburgh) ● Oliver Meyer (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) ● Margarete Imhof (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) ● Kevin Schuck (PENTA College CSG Jacob van Liesveldt) ● Susanne Staschen-Dielmann (German School London) ● Frederic Taveau (International School of Geneva) ● Dunja Chamberlain (International School of Geneva) ● Letizia Cinganotto (The National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research [INDIRE])

Beyond CLIL

If education is to prepare learners for lifelong learning, there needs to be a shift towards deeper learning: a focus on transferable knowledge and problem-solving skills alongside the development of a positive or growth mindset. In this book, a follow up to CLIL, the authors review new developments in the understanding of the interface between language and learning, and propose an original new ‘pluriliteracies’ approach which refines and develops current thinking in CLIL. It aims to facilitate deeper learning through an explicit focus on disciplinary literacies, guiding learners towards textual fluency, encouraging successful communication across cultures, and providing a key stepping-stone towards becoming responsible global citizens […] 

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